About Us

Choosing the right physical therapist can mean the difference between rapid relief and recovery versus wasted time, money and frustration. While some are referred to physical therapy by their doctor, it's important for you to realize that in almost every case, you can choose your physical therapist.

Not All Practices are the Same

Satisfactory care means your Physical Therapist met a minimum standard of care. At Gillette and Associates Physical Therapy, our Physical Therapists go above and beyond to exceed your treatment expectations. That's why we've created our own Physical Therapy Care Standards. Our Physical Therapy Care Standards are based upon the best evidence-based clinical treatments, along with exceptional customer service.

Experience Counts

Patients have special needs and at Gillette and Associates Physical Therapy:

  • Terry and his staff have provided physical therapy and athletic training services to the local community at the same location since 1986.
  • Each Doctor of Physical Therapy has unique skills, be it advanced training in treatment of musculoskeletal disorders, post surgical rehabilitation to treatment of gait and balance disorders.
  • Staff members have been involved in athletics on many levels from youth, high school, college and professional participation, along with coaching and training in sports like football, baseball, soccer, basketball and dance.
  • Gillette and Associates gets successful clinical outcomes through individualized treatment programs based upon your unique needs, along with patient and family education through the entire rehabilitation process.